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POSI LOCK™’s hydraulic division was created out of customer demand for a system providing the safety of a Cage® controlled puller coupled with the power of hydraulic components. As the puller market continues its trend toward hydraulics, POSI LOCK™’s innovation is reflected in the following webpages by assisting your customers in selecting the proper sets or optional components to meet their maintenance needs.

Use hydraulic gauges to assure proper operating pressure. Always operate within rated pressure of the hydraulic equipment.
Cast hub removal Model

Hydraulic power is one of the safest methods for applying force when used correctly!

Below we have provided several common sense rules which pertain to hydraulic pullers.


DO NOT touch or handle hydraulic hoses or fittings with pressure in the system.

DO NOT make any electrical adjustments with electrical power active in the system.

DO NOT make or break any hydraulic connections with pressure in the system.

DO NOT operate hose with sharp bends or kinks. (Discard hose that has been kinked or otherwise damaged).

Maximize safety by putting distance between the technician and the application with use of the 10 ft. remote switch.

Hydraulic Pullers

The maximum force exerted in tons should be 7 to 10 times the diameter of the shaft in inches; for example, a 1.5” diameter shaft would generally require a 15 ton puller.

  1. Using hydraulic pullers with a safety Cage ® design reduces damage to parts and possible injury.
  2. Mount the puller so the grip is firm.
  3. Be sure the set up is rigid and that the puller is square with the work. POSI LOCK™ Cage ® design pullers provide automatic self alignment.
  4. Apply force gradually; the part should give a little at a time.
  5. If maximum force has been applied (mechanically or hydraulically) and the part has not moved, substitute a larger capacity puller. Resist sledging, a dangerous practice for which the puller was not designed.
  6. To assure protection of precision parts, use proper accessories such as ram points.
  7. Always wear safety glasses when using a puller.

The benefits of an adequate pulling system can be substantial, but the equipment must be used properly.