The Posi Lock Difference : the Cage is the Key

This patented feature holds the pulling jaws securely in either open or closed positions. Preventing the jaws of the puller from slipping off the work surface substantially increases productivity, tool life and safety for the technician.

Manual Pullers

Posi Lock offers the safest, highest quality puller on the market. A complete line of 2- and 3-jaw manual pullers is available-ranging from 1- to 40-ton capacity. When choosing a manual puller: the center bolt diameter must be at least one-half () as large as the diameter of the shaft from which the object will be removed.

Hydraulic Pullers

Posi Lock's hydraulic pullers make the hardest jobs easier...and safer! A complete line of 2- and 3-jaw hydraulic pullers is available ranging from 5- to 100-ton capacity. Posi Lock is proud to be the only company in the world to offer a 100- ton puller in a two/three-jaw combination. When choosing a hydraulic puller: the maximum force exerted in tons should be seven to ten times the diameter of the shaft, in inches; for example, a 1.5 diameter shaft would generally require a 15-ton puller.

Specialty Tools

Posi Lock has many specialty tools for specific jobs, all designed to help make those hard jobs safer and easier on the technician.