Industrial Allied Products {India} a founder company started by a qualified Mech - Elec. Engineer in 1977 into marketing of surplus & general engineering products to various industries.

Our Product

Manual Pullers

The Posi Lock® line of quality manual gear and bearing pullers sets the standard for quickness, ease and convenience. With Posi Lock, it's strictly a one-man operation.

Hydraulic Pullers

Posi Lock’s hydraulic pullers are the preferred choice of professionals around the world. Ideal for many uses, Posi Lock adds efficiency to a job that can often be frustrating.

Speciality Tools

Posi Lock’s revolutionary hydraulic bench vise provides 5 TONS of clamping force, plus an air control valve for variable speed and safety.

Self-Contained 12-Ton Hydraulic Pullers

The PHS-108/PHS-208 have many applications for all industries. These powerful, self-contained pulling systems are ideal for pulling a wide variety of press-fit parts.

100 & 200-Ton Hydraulic Pullers

Posi Lock’s 100-ton hydraulic pullers provide maximum pulling force in applications requiring high-force removal of large gears, pulleys, wheels, sleeves and other press-fit parts.

25 Ton Hydraulic Internal/External Puller

  • 25 tons of pulling force
  • Internal reach of 2.5" to 7"
  • Internal spread of 2 1/2" to 18"
  • External reach of 12"